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Who is Workspace 101?

Workspace 101 is a full service office furniture dealership and a Class A General Contractor. We are Woman owned and certified SWaM in the state of Virginia. For small business owners and large corporations alike, Workspace 101’s experience in office planning, design, and furniture makes us valuable to work with to create equitable and healthy office environments. Workspace 101 is right there from the beginning to help our clients make their dreams a reality.

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Our consulting services involve analyzing office layouts and recommending furniture arrangements to maximize space utilization, comfort, and productivity.  We strive to find the right furniture options that align with the company's brand, culture, and budget.

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Our Design Services focus on creating tailored and functional workplace solutions to enhance productivity and aesthetics. Our team of skilled designers collaborates with clients to Provide 2D and 3D visual representations of design concepts, allowing clients to visualize the final look and make informed decisions.


Our Installation services involve expertly delivering and installing your office furniture to create functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces. Our team of skilled installers will assemble furniture items such as desks, chairs, and cubicles accurately and efficiently.​

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 Our Liquidation services typically include assessment and pricing of your furniture items to maximize the return on investment for the client. The goal is to maximize the value of the furniture while minimizing the time and effort required for the company's transition.

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Flooring 101

From elegant hardwood to durable vinyl, our Flooring Division is here to transform your workspace from the ground up. With this addition, we are now your comprehensive destination for all your workspace needs, offering top-quality flooring solutions to complement our existing range of products and services.


General Contracting 101

Workspace 101 is now a Class A Contractor!

From small-scale renovations to expansive construction endeavors, our general contracting division serves as your ultimate solution for seamless turnkey projects. Trust us to handle every aspect, ensuring your vision becomes reality with unmatched expertise and efficiency.

What Clients Say

"Workspace 101 came to our office, listened to our needs and addressed them perfectly with the right furniture and filing systems."

OE Power

ANIMATE breaks convention when it comes to bringing power to your space. OE’s ANIMATE range combines a flexible battery solution in QIKPAC, with an innovative range of modular power and USB charging solutions to create truly agile furniture that provide power to the user wherever they choose to sit, stand or walk.

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