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NxtWall Architectural Wall Systems are custom built and exceptionally flexible, easy to adapt to your needs. NxtWall’s Flex and View Series are perfect for both new construction, and renovation projects in any commercial, industrial, governmental or institutional building. NxtWall’s field-fit approach reduces costs, saves time, and offers the ability to reconfigure any workspace as your needs expand or change. NxtWall systems are LEED compatible and can be up to 100% recycled. Their solid wall panel and glass systems integrate with any design and can be paired with whiteboards, fabric panels, smart glass technology, and many other office features that encourage collaboration and improve work performance.


Flex Series

The Flex Office Wall System offers flexibility and options not normally seen in modular office partitions. Office remodeling and updating comes with costs. Building a new wall or adding on is a big commitment. NxtWall understands that and the solution is removable, movable and reusable offices walls that can expand and contract making NxtWall office walls a true drywall replacement. The benefits of portability and sustainable design makes a NxtWall room divider partition office wall a smart budget friendly choice.


View Series

The View glass office wall system combines simplicity with flexibility making moving the wall configuration an easy task. The minimally seamed glass front solution offers elegant frameless glass sliding doors as well as framed aluminum or wood doors. The View office wall Series can be combined with their most comprehensive and Flex Office Wall Series. Combining both office wall systems can deliver the most scalable front and side wall solution on the market today.

NxtProtect - Protective Glass Screens

NxtProtect – NxtWall’s new demountable protective glass screen product line is a quick and easy solution to convert your workspaces to a safer work environment by reducing the spread of germs and Covid-19 from face-to-face interactions.

  • Protects employees and customers from contagion while engaging in face-to-face transactions.

  • A fast solution for retail checkout, bank teller windows, bench seating separation, healthcare reception desks, restaurant social distancing, and more.

  • Designed to be installed during high-risk season and removed when no longer needed.

  • 3/8” clear tempered glass with a curved profile for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Non-permanent installation – no fasteners required.

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