Our Working


Meet Customer

What kind of environment do you desire?
Which Solutions to will help you work more effectively?

Create a timeline

Workspace 101 can help you to establish an approximate budget

We can design a new floor plan or draw an existing floor plan.


Workspace 101 works with you to establish the most effective plan for design. Taking in all of the details that help make a great workspace, including
Work Style, Ergonomics, Colors, fabrics and finishes.
With this information we will create final drawings and the layout of your new project.


Project management and product ordering.
We will review site conditions and recommend improvements that may be required.


Your product will be delivered.
Installation of modules and furniture and timely punch resultion will ensure that you are well on your way to enjoying your new space.

Follow Up

Workspace 101 will review product warranties with customer, make sure all systems  are set in place for future reconfigurations, and give customer final recommendations.

Any future endeavors will be seamless and efficient as Workspace 101 will have all of your project work on file.